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I offer individualized movement programs to improve strength, flexibility, balance and energy.

I’ve found the best way to begin is with the basics of fluid movement in the form of a Daily Practice program. Discover more freedom of movement with our daily movement practice that moves every joint, every day. 

After we meet I can design you a custom workout to reach your specific goals and any injuries or difficult patterns that need addressing. The goal of all MoveWell programs is to feel great, and have fun!

MoveWell programs can incorporate mobility and stretching, strengthening with tubes, balls, free weights, and Eastern disciplines like Yoga postures, Tai Chi and Qi Gong forms and Shiatsu and Tui Na self-care and assisted stretches.

Home Based Exercise Programs

Using simple equipment like free weights, exercise tubing and body weight, I can focus on building muscle mass and bone density improvements, as well as, core and low-back strengthening and overall fitness. These portable programs can be done anywhere, anytime, so you aren’t tied to a gym membership and you save time and money.

Individualized mobility, flexibility and stretching programs

Balance out poor posture and difficult movement patterns. Create strategies to feel great at work, home and while traveling. The Daily Practice Mobility Program builds fun movement into free motion.

Assisted stretching.

I also offer Shiatsu Assisted Stretching with Jill or Kelly to help you find your most flexible self.

Balance and Coordination Training

Prevent falls, improve movement and strengthen core. I start out with simple balance exercises and progress using balance challenging tools like the foam roller and Bosu Ball.

Post-Rehab Exercise

Bridges the gap between physical therapy and a normal workout regime.

I can address chronic problems or more recent injuries. You may also learn self-care Shiatsu massage techniques with the Post-rehab exercise to speed recovery by encouraging the flow of energy, re-educating the tissues, and relieving pain and tightness.

Programs for low-back, hips, knees, ankles, neck, shoulders, wrists are a great way to start if you have multiple conditions and want to build toward a general exercise program, but don’t need physical therapy and have doctors clearance.

Energy and Mind/Body Training

Simple Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga forms and postures to enhance breathing, energy and mindfulness. Incorporating mind/body practices helps lower stress and improves focus.

Health Coaching and Daily Practice Self-Care Programs

Work together to develop a daily practice, fitness or wellness program. Self-care for pain relief, sleep goals, hydration, nutrition and fitness. Learn self-care from the Asian bodywork therapies of Shiatsu and Tui Na.